Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Seoul Express - Yaohan

The last stop I have on the Chinese food court tour isn't Chinese, it's Korean.  Haha, but it's in a prodominantly Chinese food court and they have good Korean food so it's on this list.  In an earlier post, my pal Vince warned me about claims to authenticity and the word "Express" in the name of the shop, but there's no doubt that Seoul Express' proprietors are very, very Korean.
Seoul Express has been a member of the Yaohan food court for years, and I occasionally go there when I need hangover food or something to burn a hole in my guts. 

I usually get their stone bowl bi bim bap.
This is a boiling vat of I-don't-know-what, but it looked very terrifying and angry so I took a picture of it.
My stone bowl with a good amount of chili sauce.  It really gives the meal character. 
It comes with a bowl of soup, side veg and a cup of tea, all required to enhance your experience with ring of fire later on.

Like I said, the place is pretty good and it's kind of a surprise to find it at the Yaohan food court of all places.  The service is is friendly enough  and the food comes fairly quick considering the prep work behind some of the dishes.....best thing of all, food court prices!

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  1. Many Korean friends and their parents have recommended this place...the owners have operated the same stall for 7+ years...the previous owners were also Korean.

  2. Haha, the father and daughter actually came into my office a while ago and he recognized my face as a customer from a who knows when I was in there last. Seems like a nice family business, and the food is good there too!


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