Friday, January 28, 2011

Gyudon Ya

rI have to give it to the Koreans, they know how to prepare beef well.  So, you'd think that the Korean owned Gyudon Ya would have a chef that knows beef.  Unfortunately, that's not the case.  Vancouver's Yoshinoya knock-off has Japanese staff, and even Japanese names for the menu items, but the beef bowls aren't quite J-Grade. 

The beef is colorless, almost sick looking.  Sure, it's salty enough, but the chef really relies on seasoning for flavor here.

 The short rib bowl was brutal.....tough, lean beef, without a trace of juicy fat....blech.

Gyudon Ya is pretty sub-standard compared to Yoshinoya, but given the price, it's hard to complain.  It's edible, unlike Little Japan, so, yeah, if I happen to walk by, and really hungry, I may toss them $6 for some Asian fast-food. 

But here's the good news folks, a little bird told me that the possibility of a Yoshinoya opening up shop in Vancouver, and Toronto is on the horizon.  Until then, show me a better place for six bucks.

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  1. How do you even make beef into that colour =S

  2. Hey Elaine,

    How's it going? Any plans for Dine Out Vancouver?

    Yeah, the color of the beef resembles necrotizing flesh. Haha, maybe they slow cook it, or the pan was cold, or maybe they steamed the beef. I found that when I cook a steak and the pan's not piping hot, it ends up with that grayish sort of color.

    I'll quote one of my favourite heros in the kitchen - Gordon Ramsay "If there's no heat in the pan, there's no color, and if there's no color, there's no flavour."


  3. I love Gordon Ramsay! I secretly want to marry him *blushes*

    I only booked for two DOV's this year since I never love the food too much anyways!

  4. Love your blog and Yoshinoya. However, don't hold your breathe if it's like the Yoshinoya @ NY's Time Square...

  5. Hi Anonymous,

    Haha, the Yoshinoya in NY no good?



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