Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pak Tak Chiu Restaurant - Yaohan

Okay, back to the Chinese food court theme.  It's funny how you're there to do a review (a good one) of a place and the staff are giving you grief about taking pictures.  I tried to explain it to them, and they still gave me a hard time.  Pak Tak and the two places next to it practically have the exact same menu and the exact same prices (and even change prices at the end of the day at the exact same time), so I don't know what the big secret is if I snap a few pictures.  Anyway, I like to eat here.

The special combo here is pretty good going during the day, but near the end of the day, the prices drop, along with their two competitors.  Despite being given a hard time about the pictures, the service here on the corner is marginally better than the other two, so I prefer eating at Pak Tak.
My favourite heart-stopper is the wu hua rou.  Yes, it will probably kill you faster than smoking, but damn, it tastes good. 
Deep fried squid, another major cause for cardiac arrest, but oh so delicious.
Deep fried prawns - these suckers are huge and the staff are quite generous on the portions.
Deep friend smelt.....starting to see a trend here with the deep-fried?
Then you take all of that greasy goodness and pile it on top of some sticky rice for an extra 50 cents, who wants to live forever?

Like I said, the food is good here, and for 6 bucks, it comes in just under a meal and McPukes, and way under for BK or A&W.  Of course, there are way healthier options available at Pak Tak, but it's far more satisfying to eat what I eat, trust me.

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