Friday, April 15, 2011

Congee Noodle House

Parking is atrocious, and don't even get me started on the cleanliness of the washrooms, but the food here is good and cheap.  The service is debateable.  If you don't expect much, and you're not a complete jackass, the servers will give you a certain amount of respect.  Don't expect them to bend over backwards, but if you get the right one, they just might. 

Actually, our server was pretty awesome, and she did go out of her way to give us good service. I was pleasantly surprised.

Pork and Century egg Congee - standard issue food for the sick and dying, but actually quite edible for the healthy living as well.
Zhong (sticky rice in leaf).  It doesn't come in a bowl, it's just that I split one with a friend of mine and my share ended in this tiny rice bowl.
Chinese Donuts
Chinese donuts and Congee were made for each other. 
Century Egg (side order)
Sweet and Sour Pork on Rice - you can't go wrong with this one....well, sometimes you can, but this place managed to get it right.
Buddha's Feast - the for the vegetarians.  One of my heathen friends was with us and he hasn't touched meat in probably 30 years....poor guy.  My food eats his food.
Curry Beef Brisket...I dunno, it was probably good, but I'm so used to curry beef brisket from Mui Garden, I the bonus. 

The place is an absolute dive and the washrooms are minging, but the food is good, it's cheap and the place is open late.  Just don't go with any expectations, and you'll be fine, lol!  Anyway, I can't think of another Chinese restaurant in the immediate area that would be better.

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  1. "My food eats his food." Hahahaha! Good one! I love it!

    Buddha Boy and I usually say, "No, we don't eat vegetables, but we eat vegetarians." LOL!!!

  2. Hey BG!

    Haha, hilarious! Don't get me wrong, I like vegetarian dishes, I just like them more with meat, haha!



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