Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Keg - Yaletown (revisited)

I have finally taken my demons head on, looked my personal fear in the face, and laughed.  Even pointed and laughed as I strode away victorious.  Yes, The Keg Size Omega is no longer the bane of my existence.  The one steak that could mock me as I ran away in defeat, unable to eat more than 2/3 of that glorious hunk of dead cow.

I don't really know what happened this time, although I have a few theories.  When I first ordered the Omega, years back, the server didn't quite know about it, nor did she know the pricing.  I have a feeling that the chef may also have made a minor mistake and cut off more prime rib than he/she should have.  I'm convinced that the chunks we got were at least 32 ounces and that's one of my theories on why I couldn't finish the Omega my first go around.

Our server was vaguely familiar with the Omega, but didn't know there was a name attached to the legend.  This day, I was feeling confident for some reason and even had some of the bread before my meal.  I had my glass of Chivas Regal in my hand and I was ready to rock and roll.

When the Omega arrived, I thought there was some sort of mistake.  It looked a tad bigger than The Keg Size, and nowhere near what my memory told me.  The Omega was markedly smaller.  In fact, we were told it was a 24 ounce, double the size of a regular prime rib, not double the Keg Size prime rib.  I was mildly disappointed, but also realized that my first go-around may have been a mistake where we got more than we were supposed to.  But part of my disappointment lay in the fact that I could not boast about killing the 32 ounce (probably 32 ounce) monster that had once haunted me.

 No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't make the Omega look big in the pictures.  It was definitely smaller than the first Omega I had. 

 I didn't leave any evidence that there was once food on my plate.  I finished the prime rib, I finished the garlic mash, the deep fried onion bits, and even went back to finish off the complimentary bread.  At the end of it all, I was still comfortable, which is not what I was hoping for, haha!  Anyway, after my original encounter with the Omega, I heard stories of my own friends finishing the Omega without so much as breaking a sweat.  I felt inadequate.  This time, I had no such thoughts.  I even had room for desert!

One of these days, I will return to the Richmond Keg location, just to see if the Omega I had nightmares about was all just a big tease.  If it's anything like I had here on this night, it should be no problem.

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