Thursday, April 14, 2011


I could have sworn I did a review of this place, but I guess not.  I was attending a Kimono De Vancouver event at Sakura Days Japan Fair at Van Dusen Gardens (I have no idea why they have it there because they don't have any sakura least no that were in bloom anyway) and a group of us went to grab a bite to eat afterwards.  Menya just happend to be the place we chose, and I just happened to have my camera.  I've been to Menya any number of times, but don't remember ever taking any pictures. 

Gyoza, the golden match with any decent bowl of ramen.  Some people will order onigiri, or even a bowl of rice to go with their, I like gyoza...if I'm hungry enough.

I ordered the miso ramen, as usual, but this time I got extra tamago.  I love the half-boiled, semi-runny egg and it goes perfectly with the rich broth of miso ramen.  It will kill you if you eat this everyday, but hey, once in a while right?

Ramen salad....for those hot summer days where eating a steaming bowl of noodles is really just counter productive. 

Menya is a nice simple place, that's not overly fancy and certainly does not rely on the decor to bring in customers.  The service is as you would expect at any other Japanese restaurant, friendly, quick and efficient.  The prices are good and the ramen is awesome.  If this place was located in Richmond, I'd say it could give G-Men a run for it's money.  My only gripe is they close so damn early.

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