Thursday, April 14, 2011

G-Men Revisited

 G-Men Ramen revisited.  While my pal Eric was in town, he mentioned that he had been craving really good ramen and I couldn't think of any other place I'd like to make a good impression other than G-Men.  For me, it's the best ramen in town.  Someone prove me wrong. 

 I ordered my standard miso ramen and not surprisingly, it is still my favourite.  Sometimes a place will go downhill after a while but so far, G-men maintains the standard that I've grown accustomed to. 
It was so good in fact, Eric ordered a second bowl with another order of gyoza.  I don't think I've ever seen anyone have two bowls of ramen back to back.  Amazing.


  1. Hmmm I actually never liked G-Men's ramen but it's been a long time since I last visited, when they first opened...

  2. Hahaha. When you come to visit me here in the Philippines, I will take you to my ramen place... where I got my training to eat two ramen back-to-back.

    How are you guys doing there?


  3. I miss your posts Peter!
    I have not gone to any places in Richmond for ramen except for Ajisen (I did not like it).
    Is the soup base better than Santouka?

  4. Wow, seems like I've been missed? Haha, sorry, I've been extremely lazy lately!

    Gloria, I will try to get back into posting regularly, can't have Elaine kicking my ass on Urban Spoon, haha! I like G-men because it's a bit saltier and a bit fattier...but that's me though. The broth at G-men is pretty rich, whereas Ajisen is pretty thin. Santouka is good but the portions are a bit smallish for the prices you're paying. It was pretty hyped up back when I went so the line ups were overly long. Might be better now? I may go back for a visit to see what it's like.

    Eric, doing great, and eating out a lot less now that you're not here now, haha! I heard back from Al, seems like he got our 'package'.

    Elaine, yes, G-men isn't for everyone, especially if you're not into the heavier broth. Also, did you know they use different soup bases between afternoon and evening? I just found that out recently. Haven't been there for a while, let's go!



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