Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Golden Sea City Restaurant

This place has changed names so many times, I've lost count, but somehow, the food still magages to taste ok, it's still relatively inexpensive, and they still have dim-sum carts!  The service is as you would expect at any grease spoon of this calibre, so don't go in expecting much and you won't be disappointed....it's not fine dining.  The restaurant itself is getting a little run-down though, and renovations and cleanliness aren't a priority in these kinds of places.

The current owners aren't big on replacing the table cloths......clearly, they're still using hand-me-down stuff from previous owners.
Taking care of any moisture problems, water leaks, mold isn't a priority here.......I didn't even bother with the washrooms because if the dining area looked this bad.....
I wonder how legal this is for a fire exit?
Steamed spareribs and Chinese sausage on rice.  Tasty for anyone hungry enough to order something with rice at dim sum
Even though this rice noodle with fish was the last dish on the cart, we were hungry and ordered it anyway.  If it wasn't cold, it probably would have tasted really good.  The noodles were tender, and the fish inside was cooked just right.
The Siu Mai were a decent size, nothing to complain about here.  Nice large chunks of pork and shrimp. 
Haha, my dad said they used 1 less prawn than before in the Hagow.  To me they seemed a bit smallish compared to the hagow under the previous ownership, but they still tasted good.
My favourite dim sum dish - steamed spare ribs with a couple of black beans thrown in for good measure.  Lining the bottom of the dish was butternut squash, which helps soak up all that glorious fat from the pork.  I did something completely disgusting and took the sauce (aka fat with flavour) and poured it over my left-over rice from earlier....sounds gross, I know, but tastes like heaven.
Chicken feet!  For those with squeamish stomachs, skip ahead.  These were done well, skin and what little meat slip right off the bone.  Pop the whole thing in your mouth and spit out the bones.
Sticky Rice Wraps....these tasted ok, but not great.  Actually, they were a bit bland and didn't have much "stuff" inside...

Still edible though.  All it needed was a little chili oil.

I've been coming to this place for a couple of years, and although the name of the restaurant and owners may change, it seems like nothing else really does.  The servers (and probably kitchen staff), the food, the decor, the prices, the lack of parking, are all pretty much the same.  The restaurant could use some renos, and maybe some better house-keeping standards, but that's about it.  Everything is cooked, so just as long as your food is hot, you should be safe, haha!  Despite the place being sort of a dive, I still go back once in a while.

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  1. I've had some pretty bad experiences with this restaurant.. mainly siu mai being raw still and everything always comes out luke warm, but maybe I'm just unlucky lol

  2. Hi nic,

    Thanks for reading! Haha, raw siu mai? That's not good! I haven't had that kind of experience yet, but looking at the place, it wouldn't surprise me at all. I guess I'll probably still go. Takes me a while to learn my lesson, haha! Just take a look at my experience from Shabusen:


  3. Hey Pete,

    I think I remember this place. The site or restaurants had changed names a couple of times because it was involved in a situation before. If Al is still around, he may know about it.


  4. Hey Eric,

    Yeah, this place has swapped hands a couple of times, and I think for legal reasons. I heard some of the previous owners used to run MJ after hours, is that what you're talking about?

    Anyway, next time you're in town, we should go to Dim Sum.



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