Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kisamo's Revisited

Fried Cheese....was not on my last post when I went to Kisamo's.  o be honest, I think it's a bit overpriced, but damn, does it taste good.  I wouldn't normally order this because it's pricy for what you get, but once in a while, you go with someone who's never been there before and you want to introduce them to a dish that's just a bit over the top.  I was there with some colleagues from work and I had to let them try this.

We got the "greek caviar".  I said I was going to get the name of this, but alas, I've forgotten again.
Since nobody was going to order the Calmari dinner, we figured, we'd order it as an appie.

I know the moussaka is good, I've tried it before, but I never end up getting it because I'm greedy and I want more food on my plate.  One of these days though, I will order the moussaka.

I always order the mountain of lamb when I go to Kisamo's.  The Roast Lamb Dinner for $12.95 is always the best bang for your buck, and it usually leaves you feeling a bti uncomfortable if you manage to finish everything on your plate.....awesome. 

I couldn't stop taking pictures of this monster cut of lamb.  It's so huge, you could describe it as scenic.  Lambscapes, haha!  Your butter knife cuts through it as if it were butter, when you eat it, it melts in your mouth like butter.  I'm 99% sure that this is just a huge plate of butter that's shaped like roast lamb.  This friggin incredible dish is just about the best you can get for 12 bucks and it keeps me going back to Kisamo's again and again.

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