Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sweet Revenge Patisserie

Death By Chocolate, True Confections, Cheesecake Etc, and other such dessert places are just right for North American tastes, but when I go with some of my Japanese friends, they often remark on how many of the cakes and deserts are too rich, or over the top sweet.  I guess for me, I live in both worlds and I actaully like the cakes from True Confections.  I can only eat a sliver without feeling kind of gross.  I've also had deserts in Japan, I've been to some of the cafes and cake shops, and the styles there definitely have a French influence.  For anyone looking for something naughty but won't leave you in a food coma, Sweet Revenge Patisserie will be right up your alley. 
First of all, the place is damn near impossible to find unless you've looked it up on a map first.  The store front is so discreet, it's almost as if it doesn't want to be found.........
...............yet when we got there, a steady flow of patrons were coming and going. 
The place seems very fragile, and I felt like I was in an antique shop, rather than a dessert place. 
I ordered an Earl Grey, hot, just like Captain Picard.
The china was all made in Japan for some reason....

The Creme Brulee - $6.55
Chocolate Pudding Cake for $6.35.  It was like a chocolate lava cake, filled with dark chocolate pudding.

The place is small, there was only one server, and sometimes you have to share a table.  But it's a nice place if you want to just sit for a while, have some tea and some sweets to go with it.  The staff will more or less leave you alone, haha, whether you want them to or not.  But that can be a good thing as well, if you don't want your waiter or waitress pestering you to order more stuff, or to pay the bill and get out.  It's a nice little shop, and I'd probably go back.

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  1. Oh wow, those desserts look absolutely amazing! yum :)

  2. Hi Hailey,

    Apologies about the awful pictures, the lighting was very low in that place and clearly I haven't figured out how to use my camera yet. I will definitely visit the place again and try to get some decent shots.

    Got a bit of a sweet tooth huh =)


  3. Sweet Revenge Patisserie!

    NOT such a sweet experience!

    They charged us a 15% of gratuity because we spilt bill 3 ways between 4 people, but waiter didn't tell us! When we went to pay the bill we asked why, the manager said its in their menu, but their menu only say the group of 6 or more will charge 15%. The guy said it’s in their other menu! What!? Hello! you only have one menu that we saw!

    Then when I paid he rounds my bill off the nearest 10 cents (to the restaurants benefit) and short changes me another few pennies?

    I WON'T go back to here again!!!! The people who management this restaurant is not honest!


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