Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bubble World Marpole - LEVEL DOWN!

I've been going to Bubble World for years, and I never thought I'd say this, but I think they're starting to go a little downhill.  The other day, I popped in for my favorite - Macha Slush (green tea ice cream) with pearls. 

The place was dark and gloomy, no music, a few customers and one, very bitter looking employee. The last time I went to this location, I was greeted by several smiling faces behind the counter, and the place felt alive. This time, I felt like walking into an empty warehouse with one security guard reading a paper.
I had no idea they canceled their points card system. When we showed the employee a points card that needed one more stamp, he just looked at it and said bluntly said they don't take it anymore. No smile, no explanation, no customer service whatsoever.

So, crappy service aside, I got my green tea ice cream with pearls and the green tea looked brown.  Again, dating back to the last time I was here, the green tea ice cream was actually green, with a nice, thick ice cream slushy.  The one I got today was almost brownish and very runny.  It was really, really sweet, way sweeter than I remember, and I could barely taste the macha.  It basically tasted like a sweet milk (taste and consistency) with pearls. 

Suffice to say, I was disappointed.  I'm not sure I will go back, but deep inside, I'm just hoping that the employee was either having a bad day, or maybe he was just one bad example out of many good staff that weren't there that particular day.

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  1. This Bubble World has the WORST service, and they take a long time to make the drinks, never going here again!

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for reading, haha, I'll have to agree with you for the day I went anyway! I may give them another try, just to make sure it wasn't just one bad was so different from what I remember.


  3. Hi Peter, Thank You for taking the time to go out and write these reviews on your blog. I enjoy reading it, and your blog is bookmarked on my iPad, MacBook, iPhone, home desktop lol. Keep up the goodwork, it's very much appreciated.

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for reading, not sure if you're the same as the first person, but thanks! I'm glad someone is reading, haha!



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