Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mr. Pickwick's

Mr. Pickwick's, the unofficial mayor of Marpole, has been around these parts for some time, cranking out fish 'n chips, and deep-fried Mars Bars.  I've been here a couple of times wheneever I got a craving for something greasy and it's kind of nice once in a while......once in a while, haha! 

Mr. Pickwick's is a tiny little place on the corner of 70th and granville, and if you blink, you will miss it.  Better to look for the 7-11 and you'll have a better chance of finding it.
If you're going with someone, the best deals on weekends is 4 pcs cod and chips, comes out a bit cheaper than ordering two 2 pc combos.

2pc cod with chips and cole slaw.

2 pc cod and chips with something else that tasted like stuffing.

Nice, tender, moist fish, with a crispy batter.  It's a pretty good bang for your buck, and I don't think there's another chip shop in the immediate area.  The service is always friendly and the food is good. 

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While ordering my 4 pc cod and chips at Mr. Pickwick's, I noticed with my greedy little eyes tha Fresh Slice was giving away free pizza. 

I think there was something going on in Marpole, some sort of festival or something. Normally, Fresh Slice would be an absolute last resort for me, but I was hungry and Free was a good price.  Besides a nice greasy appie prior to my fish and chips couldn't hurt right?

I got a slice of their pesto pizza, and admitedly, the free slice was tasty as could be to someone who was starving.  It was greasy, just as I remembered Fresh Slice, and no, I will not return to purchase any, haha!

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