Monday, July 11, 2011

Uni Spaghetti

One of my favourite foods in the world is uni, and there's probably a recipe out there to do this with fresh uni, but this packaged uni-spaghetti sauce is pretty damn good.  It`s pretty easy to get mentaiko spaghetti sauce, but uni-flavoured is a rarity in Vancouver, BC, and that`s why this little treat managed to find it`s way into my greedy little hands via Japan....and it`s sooooo easy to prepare.

1.  Open package, admire how easy it is to open.
2. Turn package over to read the instructions (in Japanese) or look at the illustrations
3.  Measure your spaghetti for 1 serving.

4.  Boil Spaghetti for no more than 10 minutes - it has to be al dente or it`s $hit.
5.  Strain your spaghetti or just pull it out like this if it`s only one serving.
6.  Open uni sauce and squeeze contents onto your spaghetti and mix it up.
7.  Sprinkle the nori on top and you`re ready to eat!

I love uni spaghetti and the next time I go to Japan, I`m going to bring a case of this stuff back.

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