Monday, July 11, 2011

Van Ya Japanese Restaurant

Of all the strange places to find a Japanese restaurant, one pops up in East Vancouver.  It's not a shady part of town or anything, just the last place you might expect to find a Japanese owned and operated restaurant.  In fact, looking from the outside, I was skeptical myself but I heard about this place from a reputable the newspaper articles posted in the window confirmed it. 

Haha, once I stepped inside the restaurant, the manga about food set my mind at ease. 

The restaurant is a decent size and filled up pretty quickly after taking this picture.
There's my usual guage of a sushi restaurant, but I was told this place wasn't just a sushi restaurant, and their cooked food is more their thing.  So I passed on the chirashi don, even though it wasn't too badly priced at $12.50 (includes ikura).

It seamed like there are daily specials, and the seafood tempura combo seemed just right for $10.
Haha, I love the description of Inari.....tofu pocket.....kawaii
So this was the seafood tempura combo, basically a teisyoku meal with rice, some veg and soup.

The tempura was lightly coated, fried just right and came with a nice assortment of seafood and veg.  I love this fish, but for the life of me, I can't remember the name right now.
I got the gindara (black cod) teisyoku, which came with a little agedashi tofu.
The black cod was tasty, but I wish there was more.  A wonderfully seasoned, melt-in-your-mouth fish, and grilled perfectly.
The agedashi tofu was also small, almost kaiseki in size, but delicious....again, wish I had more.

The miso soup was chock full of the regular ingredients - seaweed and tofu.  When I finished my meal, I was pertty full, but that's because I had eaten right before going.  The food here was tasty, but I`d imagine if I didn`t eat first, I`d leave hungry....which leads to the question, would I go back.....yes, I definitely would.  There are other menu items I want to try, the prices were reasonable and the service was good, as expected.  The food had a very home-made feel to it, and I`d definitely like to go back for more.

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