Monday, June 28, 2010

La Tortilleria Mexican Food

Graville Island is a cornucopia of food.  It's a foodie's paradise and there's so much to see and buy.  If you're not there for the fresh produce and infinite selection of meats, seafood, and deli items, there's the food court that's a lot better than your average shopping mall food court.  The only place I will probably never try is the Chinese food.  For Chinese food court food, I think there's no better place than the Yaohan food court.  But we'll leave that for another day.

When I'm not stuffing my face over at |Celine's Fish and Chip's or eating sauerkraut with smokies from Kaisereck's, I'll probably be scarfing down beef taco salad from La Tortilleria.  I haven't had much experience with authentic Mexican food, and I seriously doubt that taco salad is something you'll find on every street corner in Mexico, but it's good enough for my tastes. 


Pictured here is the small size taco salad, but I usually go for the large.  It's well worth the $8.50 - it comes with loads of guacamole, and a decent amount of ground beef.  The shell is nice and crisp, but a pain in the butt to eat with a plastic fork.  You may as well grab some extra tissue and just dive in with your hands.  By the end of your meal, you should be good and full, and if you're not, there's something wrong with you.

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