Monday, June 28, 2010

Stepho's Souvlaki Greek Taverna

I've been going to Stepho's for years, almost as long as I've been going to Anton's.  If you're looking for a cheap place to get really, really full on decent food, check this place out.  Though since I discovered Kisamo's in Richmond, I hardly ever come out to DT for Greek food.  On occasion though, I'll find myself downtown and craving something greasy and in large proportions.  Lunch is probably the best time to hit Stepho's because there's alomost no line up.
Ah, the Cheese Balls.  The one thing I sometimes crave that's not on Kisamo's menu is Stepho's Cheese Balls.  Well, Kisamo's has a pretty good Cheese Dish, but it's a bit expensive for a hunk of cheese cookedin a frying pan.  Stepho's Cheese Balls is just that, deep fried cheese balls with a nice crisp coating, served with some beats (palet cleanser?) and this garlic dip that's out of this world.  I mean, the cheese balls are incredibly awesome on their own, but paired with this garlic dip, that's it, you're done.
The Chicken Pita is served with French Fries....why, I have no idea.  The fries at Stepho's is not their best item on the menu.  They tasted like they were either over-fried, or refried in really old oil.  If it's possible to swap out the fries for anything but, do it. 
Our pita came right before our meal.  Since our meals were so massive (well, mine was anyway), we didn't even touch the pita and ended up taking them home.  What can you do with leftover pita?
A Greek Salad came with the vegetarian lasagna below.
I personally would not order this, simply because it's Vegetarian.  It was loaded with cheese and overall tasted okay, but there was something missing....I think it was meat.
When I go for Greek, I crave roast lamb, but my experience with Stepho's roast lamb is that it's a bit dry and the meat is too lean.  Once you've tried Kisamo's Roast Lamb Dinner, you really can't eat any other.  So, I ordered Stepho's famous Calamari dinner....for lunch.  Like I said, the portions are epic, and I literally got a mountain of calamari on top of maybe some rice, potatoes and Greek Salad.  The calamari is nice and crisp, not too greasy, not soggy at all.  The greek salad came with loads of feta cheese, and the rice and potatoes were seasoned beautifully.  But by the end of the meal though, I think I was suffering from garlic and onion overdose....ok, I admit, I kept the garlic dip from the Cheese Balls and used them for the rest of my meal.  Between the Garlic Dip, the tzatziki sauce, and all the onions in the Calamari and Greek Salad, I was smelling pretty ripe.  In fact, I stank for days, and no amount of toothpaste, mouthwash, soap and deoderant would help.
I think my friend ate two French fries from her dish.....

Stepho's is still a great place to grab a cheap bite to eat, and if you can avoid the line ups, all the better.  But around dinner, you'll be facing at least an hour wait, just like Anton's Pasta Bar in Burnaby.  For me, Cheese Balls, Calamari, and only if I was downtown already.

Here's a shot of what Stepho's typically looks like during peak periods.

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