Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pie R Squared

If you're a student at UBC, Pie R Squared is a great place to grab a quick and cheap bite to eat.  As far as pizza by the slice is concerned, it's ok.  It's nothing compared to Romano's downtown, but really, it's the best bang for your buck at this overpriced university.
After my Iaido class on Tuesday nights, I sometimes go with my sensei and other students over tio The Pit for a pint, and I usually stop by Pie R Squared to bring a slice with me.  Itès hit and miss, sometimes I end up with a slice that's been sitting there all day and pretty dried out, other times, I manage to catch them right as they bring a fresh pie out of the oven.  The service is usually friendly, the only crappy thing is they close around 9pm or so.

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