Sunday, June 13, 2010

Curry Express - Oakridge Mall

I know, it's the food court, but I really like the curry from Curry Express.  It's quick, it's cheap, and it's tasty.  usually eat at the location in Lansdowne - ttaff there are generally friendly, but the location at Oakridge, not so much.  The guy behind the counter greeted us with a look of general disinterest, as if he was being forced to work there.  He was always looking off in some other direction, never made eye contact once....just bored I guess.  He slopped our food onto the plate, and there was dinner.
Well, whatever, despite the shabby service, the butter chicken still tasted like butter chicken. 
Sloppy, but tasty.
I got a samosa just for good measure, but after all that, I was really, really full.  The samosa was vegetarian, so it was stuffed with potatos and some other stuff.  The pastry wasn't too greasy, still crisp on the outside.
The naan was good, not much else to say about wasn't soggy? 
I didn't actually eat at this place, but it was right next door to Curry Express and I thought it was wortha  note.  Made In Japan Teriyaki Experience........WTF. What exactly was made in Japan here, I have no idea....the experience?  The teriyaki?  In the 20 some odd times I've been to Japan, I've hardly ever seen the word Teriyaki.  McDonald's had a really good teri-tama burger once.  I seriously doubt if any of the guys behind the counter could speak any Japanese, let alone the owners or managers.

Anyways, back to Curry Express Oakridge, I don't think I'll go back to this particular location.  The service was sub-par, even for a food court standards, but besides that, I had some stomach trouble after eating here, which has never happened to me at the Lansdowne location.  The lazy worker behind the counter could have been lacking in other aspects such as food handling, which kind of scares me. 

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  1. You should go back to Oak ridge I am sure you will see a improvement. The owners son is running it now and the food and the service is so much better now!!!!!


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