Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Seawall Bar and Grill

A few months ago, I got the chance to sample some of the food at the Westin Bayshore's Seawall Bar and Grill.  I wouldn't really describe it as pub food as it was a bit more upscale, but it would be hard to classify this place as a steak and seafood joint.
My current favourite drink - Chivas Regal 12 years.
We ordered a crab dip that doesn't appear on their current menu....maybe it was a special.  It was really good, but we should have ordered two...there just wasn't enough to go around for 5 people.
I forgot the name of this dish, but it's also defintely not on the current menu either.  I think it was some sort of manila clam carbonara.  I tried some and damn.  It was really good.  The sauce was out of this world, rich and creamy, but not head-spinning oily or anything.  The clams were a really nice touch.
I ordered the Char Grilled Sirloin Steak ($35) which was pretty good.  The presentation was well done and to this day, I look at the pictures and it makes me want to go back.
The scallop potatoes were tender with a crisp coating, the veggies (broccolini?) were cooked to perfection and the sauce was perfect.
There's only one beef I had with my steak......unfortunately it was overcooked.  I asked for blue rare and it came medium-well.  It still tasted good, and it really had the potential to be a perfect steak, but overcooked is overcooked.  I'd still like to try again sometime and have them cook it right, because everything that came with the steak was incredibly good.

Aside from the overcooked steak, my experience with Seawalll Bar and Grill was incredibly good.  The service was really good there.  Actually, it was out of this world.  I told them that I was quite happy with the meal, despite overcooking my steak, but they comped it anyway.  The staff at Seawall were very professional, but personble and friendly at the same time.  They went out of their way to make us comfortable, and for that reason alone, I'd go back. 

Their current menu is listed here.

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