Monday, June 21, 2010

Ki Sushi

I was in New Westminster last week for First Aid training and during our lunchbreak, someone suggested Japanese food.  Apparently, there were a few "good" Japanese restaurants in the area, but the nearest one was Ki Sushi.  I was skeptical when someone said "good"
"Lucky Choice for Lunch" had me wondering is this place run by Chinese or Korean.  My visit to the washroom didn't turn out any answers - it was filthy so it still could have been either.

Upon entering, the "irashai imase" was a little less than enthusiastic, but not completely mispronounced.  The servers were not particularly friendly, but at the same time, not outright rude or anything.  They just seemed tired and very overworked.  I think it was probably due to understaffing. 

Ki Sushi, not a single Japanese character to be found, not in the name of the restaurant, nor the menu.
All my questions are answered.  On the same chopstick packet is written the name of two restaurants.  Too cheap to print the names on seperate packages, the owners clearly thought they could kill two birds with one stone and print both restaurant names on the same packet.
And they did the same for the napkins.
Writing the number of the table on the sliding doors???  Okay, I think we've proven that without a doubt this place is not run by Japanese.
As usual, I ordered the chirashi don (my personal guage to see if the restaurant is any good).  It came with a bowl of miso soup, which had a bit of negi, small cubes of tofu, and way too much miso.  It was incredibly salty, but since I was hungry, I finished it.  I was screaming for water after though.
My chirashi don had the usually assortment of seafood - tuna (x3), salmon (x3), tamago (x2), tako (x2), ebi (x1), hamachi (x2), hokkigai (x1), tai (x2).  The cuts were a good size, and it was reasonably fresh.  The hamachi was a nice touch, but it would have been nice to see some saba or ikura instead of the extra salmon and tuna (usually only x2 instead of x3). Presentation was pretty. and the shiso was very fresh, but the wasabi was an afterthought. 

The sushi rice tasted a bit funny though.  I think the chef used a bit too much sushi vinegar.  It was a bit overwhelming and took away from the seafood.  Well, for less than $10, it's hard to complain, but in the end, I think I'd rather pay a few extra $$ and eat at Aoki Sushi or Oyasato.

Is Ki Sushi a winner? I'd say no, and I don't think I'd go back.  When dealing with raw seafood, the restaurant should be clean inside and out.  The washrooms here did not inspire that feeling in me, and I felt my soul being soiled the minute I walked in.  Ki Sushi is kimochiwarui.

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  1. This place is Chinese run but I still like Ki sushi. It's a solid value. Also they only serve sockeye salmon. I find their raw stuff is generous in portion and reliably priced. Avoid the boring rolls like california though. Their restaurants are side by side actually so I think that's why they advertise both. The Chinese restaurant they run has solid dimsum. I didn't find their bathrooms to be gross... but maybe you caught them in a bad day and I usually don't use the men's room, the ladies is usually fine ;o).

  2. Hi Anonymous, thank you for your comments and thanks for reading! Yes, this place is definetly Chinese-run, but that doesn't mean that all Chinese-run sushi restaurants are bad. Some aren't too bad, for example Kishu Star(or whatever they're called now) on 4th is pretty good, and they're washrooms are spotless. Aji Taro used to have really good standards for a while until they changed owners several years back.

    But the reason I was hard on Ki Sushi was because the men's washroom was vile. A filthy washroom in a Chinese restaurant is something I can overlook (depending on the level of nastiness) because the food is cooked. When dealing with raw seafood however, I don't feel comfortable with a restaurant that can't even bother to keep the washroom clean.

    You're right about the value, the prices are very reasonable. But I'm not willing to gamble my health for cheaper sushi.

  3. I am Chinese. Each time I talk to the waitress there, for every single Chinese sentance, she would respond back in English. When asked why, she said, "This is Canada!"...


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