Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Denny's on Davie

Where else can you go in downtown after a night of getting liquored up?  Tim Horton's?  7-11?  With the closure of Denny's on Burrard, options are pretty limited, especially when you're too hammered to go much further than the downtown core.  Vancouver clearly isn't set up for people who play all night and sleep all day.  I remember a few times in Japan, we could at least camp out in a Shirokiya (chain izakaya that's open till 6am....just drink until morning and catch the first train back home at 7am), or Yoshinoya and nurse a teriyaki beef bowl until morning. 

Well, the days of getting legless are pretty much over for me, but on ocassion, my friends and I find ourselves wandering around downtown late in the night looking for something greasy to soak up the excess alcohol.  The answer - Denny's....on Davie.  I dunno, are there any more Denny's downtown?
Nothing better than a grand slam at 0300.
......and finsh 'er off with a brownie sundae.

I don't know about the day staff, but in the middle of the night, they seemed quite accustomed to our type of crowd.  They are very patient, speak nice and slow and don't talk in extremely loud voices. The food comes pretty quick (or at least that's the perception), and the staff are generally pretty friendly.  Would I go back?  Heck yea, but then again, what other choices are there?  I guess that depends on which drinking hole is closest.  Timmy's on Alberni is closest to most of my favourite places, but they don't have the Grand Slam Breakfast.

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