Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happa - Kitsilano

Happa Izakaya - oh, memories.  Years ago, when Justin first opened Happa on Robson, my pals and I would report there like good patrons should, every weekend and drop about $500.  I swear, that between the 5 of us, we financed the opening of subsequent Happa locations, and put Justin's children through university.
It was my pal Jeremy's birthday, and our iaido class, including sensei, celebrated his 20th (?) at Happa Izakaya in Kitsilano.
Their famous saba, seared on the spot with a portable torch.
Jeremy and Inoue Sensei.....Jeremy has a thing against prawns.
Justin, owner of Happa, is a brilliant business man and he opened Happa when izakayas were still a rarety in Vancouver.  Now they're all over the place, but at the time, there were maybe three or four?  Happa had a line up every night, the service was great, the management (Justin) even better.  He was always at the front line, greeting customers, and making everyone feel at home.  He wasn't at the Kitsilano location the night we went, but he has been known to be at various locations.  Regardless, the place was well run, the food was great as well as the service.  Definitely check this place out.

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