Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Sushi Bar

Cheap Japanese food, not particularly authentic, but cheap enough to make me say who cares.  And cheap beer too....well, it was cheap at the time.  $2.50 beers, I think it may have gone up to $3.00 or something, still not too expensive.
Me and a couple of fellas from my Iaido class - Jeremy S. on the left and Richard T. in the beer, did I mention that?
As usual, I used my usual test with the chirashi don.  My verdict?  Well, it wasn't outstanding, and there was a lot of rice, as you can sort of tell from the picture.  There wasn't quite enough sushi vinegar, so the rice was a bit on the dry side, and the variety of seafood was pretty much standard fare.  Tuna, salmon, surf clam, saba, tai, tako, and a few slivers of amaebi.  Did I mention cheap?  You get what you pay for.

The rolls were pretty good, again, nothing you'd ever see in Japan, but they tasted good so who cares.  The roll with the avacado wrapped on the outside seems to be a pretty standard thing now.  Some places call it a catapillar roll, or dragon roll, or whatever.  The deep fried thing (bottom) was interesting.

On this particular night, we stopped in before a fireworks show (Celebration of Light) during the summer time, but on a night when we have class, the place closes a bit too early and we always miss last call.  Our regular place is still Blue Star Sushi (formerly Kishu Star). 

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  1. beer! I'm there!!!

  2. Haha, better check first, it was $2.50 last year I think.....but I heard it went up.



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