Friday, October 1, 2010

Kyung Bok Palace...serves prison food

On a scale of crap to 10, this place ranks about 2 or 3, pretty much on par with another dive called Shabusen.  Earlier I did a review on Seoul House, and though it wasn't a great review, I'd have to say that Seoul House is infintely better than this place. 
My pal Jimmy was getting was his birthday and for some strange reason, we decided to punish him by taking him to this place.
The side dishes were run-of-the-mill, nothing toxic about them but a bit bland....same goes with the dipping sauces.
Bland, a bit raw in the middle.
I think they tried to pass off this stuff as "tempura"
Beware of Korean BBQ places that have sushi on their menus.....

The meat itself looks nice and marbelled, but it would have been nice to have some dipping sauce that was actually flavoured.  The overhead fans are probably only decorative because we saw a cloud of smoke hovering above us, and floating around the fan intake, which was pretty much doing nothing.  That's not necessarily a bad thing for some places, especially when it's all part of the experience (small shop, good food, cheap prices).  But in this case, you're paying a hefty dollar considering you get bland, tastless food delivered to you at a snail's pace by moody servers.  I really don't have a reason to return to this place.

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