Friday, October 1, 2010

Milestone's Lougheed

With the closure of the Milestone's in my own stomping grounds (Richmond), I seldom get a chance to have one of my all-time favourite burgers - the Four Cheese Burger.  Yeah, I can get a four cheese burger at Vera's Burger for $8.99 (difference cheeses - provolone, feta, cheddar and blue cheese), but between the two burgers, I have to say I like Milestone's a bit more.  The difference is in the bun.....Vera's bun is a bit sub-par, dry and hollow where Milestone's bun is almost brioche.  Plus Milestone's lettuce is more crisp, and the tomato and onion are nice thick cuts.  Vera's...on par with Burger King (which is not too bad for fast food).

Our server was very friendly, and came back on several occassions to make sure  our coffee/water was filled. 
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad $12.99 - Milestone's lays claim to having the best caesar ever, and I have to say that I haven't had a better Caesar salad than the one at Milestone's.  It must have something to do with the roasted garlic and the shaved asiago cheese combo.  I also detect a hint of lemon, which works great with the dressing.
The Four Cheese Burger - $12.99 (+$0.99 to sub in Roast Garlic Caasar Salad).  It's topped with cheddar, pizza mozzarella, goat cheese, feta, roasted garlic, lettuce, tomato, a thick slice of onion and a pickle.  Personally, I like to eat the pickle seperately.

Final assembly.

Kobe Style Classic Meatloaf - $19.99.  When they say "style", you know it's not the real deal.  But then again, why the hell would you take perfectly good Kobe beef and grind it up into meatloaf or hamburger for that matter.  A lot of places are doing it nowadays, or at least claiming to, but for me, if they really are using Kobe beef, it's a waste because as soon as you grind it up, it may as well be any AAA beef.  Yes, it tastes good, but my burger tasted better.

I haven't had a problem with any Milestone's location, except with the one in Yaletown.  This one is definitely a thumbs up.  The food was good, it came quickly and the service was exceptionally good.  From the moment we walked in, our host greeted us with a sincere, friendly smile, our hostess was quick, attentive and friendly, and again when we left, the hostess thank us.  Excellent, friendly service, good food.

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