Monday, February 22, 2010

Alleluia again

The world's best HK milk tea that's one of the optional drinks that comes with most lunch/dinner sets. I've been told it tastes so good because they use the equivalent of three tea bags to brew one cup of tea....I could be wrong.
Another optional drink is the ice lemon tea. They use almost half a lemon in each cup in this strong tea. This stuff is nectar, so damn good.
The soup of the day that comes with the All Day Special and the All Day Mix & Match Special is usually your run-of-the-mill cream soup with whatever ingredients they have left over. It's drinkable most of the time.
Baked Seafood on Rice $6.25 includes a drink - from the miniset menu. They used to have a larger version of this dish with an oyster and spinach on the All-Day Special menu, but for some strange reason, they've taken it off.
I really wish they had the larger one again.
The All-Day Mix & Match Special for $9.25. Pictured here is Minute Steak, Rib Eye Steak, and Pork Chop Cutlet.
Pretty much the same as above except with the additional yam fries for $1 more.

Not sure what this was, some sort of mixed seafood with spicy thai noodles. $8.95 or 9.95....
Pan-seared chicken fillet with some sort of noodle....less than $10.00 for sure.

The bottom line is Alleluia is dirt cheap for what you get, and that's a sit-down meal, that most often turns out pretty good, a pretty good drink, sometimes a bowl of soup, plus left-overs because they pile on the food, all for usually less than $10.00. What's the cost of fast-food nowadays? $7.99? $8.99? A meal at McCrap's is getting up there, and a lot of other places are too. Even prices in food courts are getting outrageous. I'd rather sit down at Alleluia any day of the week. HK fast food is the way to go.

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