Monday, February 22, 2010

Kisamo's Greek Taverna

It used to be Stepho's, on Davie Street in Downtown Vancouver. The two hour line up in the pouring rain was always worth it, but no more. Kisamo's Greek Taverna is right here in my hometown of Richmond and they have the best calamari, and the best roast lamb dinners I have ever had, and the prices are very, very reasonable.
The pita bread, best eaten with some Greek caviar....forgot the name of the stuff - it tastes like caviar and creamcheese, but apparently, there's no cream cheese in it. When I figure out what it's called, I'll edit this post,
I don't remember the name of this dish either, but it's got chicken and portabello mushrooms in it. You should order this.
And of course, my all-time favourite Greek dish - roast lamb. This is the slide-off-the-bone lamb that melts in your mouth. I don't care if it's a bit of a fattier cut, it's worth clogging my arteries over. Stepho's in comparison is a bit on the dry side, and a little too lean. Kisamo's is seasoned just right, very succulent, very mout-watering.

....and the portion is huge. If you skip the appies, you might have a hope in finishing your meal.

Whenever I go to Kisamo's, I stuff my face with the roast lamb dinner.  The salad is there, but I never really remember anything about it.....just not that memorable.  The potatoes are pretty good -  they just fall apart.  They don't have much seasoning, but that's okay because it's the lamb that's important. 

Overall, Kisamo's is a winner.  The service is pretty good, the staff are friendly, there's free parking all around, and the food is great.  I'll still go to Stepho's if I find myself downtown Vancouver and craving Greek, but seeing as how Kisamo's is right down the street, I'm finding less reasons to go downtown.  Kisamo's can be found in the Steveston fishing village on the southwest side of Richmond.

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