Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pork Belly Beer House

At least I think it's called Porkbelly Beer House. The last time I went, there were no English signs whatsoever so I can't say for sure this is what the place is really called, but at least that's the actual address in case you want to find the place.

The food here, is actually quite good, contrary to the shop's appearance. This place looks pretty run down, there's no overhead ventilation fans, and your clothes come out smelling like Korean BBQ after you're done (but quite frankly, if you go to any BBQ place, your clothes are gonna smell like your food), the bathroom looks downright scary, but throughout all of that, the food is great (and probably clean, but who cares, you grill it anyway), the service is run like your visiting your uncle's house, and the staff are pretty hard working. There are times when they forget your order, or don't get to you for a long time, but expect it because the place is pretty busy and they have to keep track of lots of orders. They try hard and they're not lazy, and for me, that counts for a lot.
The usual on the house side dishes typical of most Korean restaurants.
We went for the all-you-can-eat pork belly, which was nice and fresh, and did not appear to be frozen.
Pork belly, garlic and can you go wrong?

I forgot the price, but I remember it being very affordable. At first, you can order individually, but if you find that if you need more and have caught up to the price of all-you-can-eat, the owner lets you change to that pricing. He's more like your uncle, rather than the owner/manager of a restaraunt....honestly, I have no idea how he makes money.

Haha, I remember this one time I went there and they had their liquor license revoked for a period of time. It made me laugh because the place was called Pork Belly Beer House. Anyway, if you can get by the appearances, you will have a really good meal at this place.

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