Saturday, February 27, 2010

Joey's on Broadway

Some friends from work got together a few days ago and grabbed a bite to eat at this place called Joey's on Broadway. Someone mentioned that it was a new chain owned by Earl's. It felt familiar, but a bit more upscale than Earl's. I was worried by the exterior that this place would be impossibly expensive, but after looking at the menu, it turns out that it wasn't all that bad.

That's a really cool display....look at all that booze!
I have no idea what this was.
Caesar - $less than 10 bucks - The server was incredible, and she really delivered when it came to my Caesar. I was just kidding around with her when I told her what sort of things I liked in a Caesar, and she brought everything I mentioned. Those extra olives and beans really brought a smile to my face. When I get a celery stalk in my Caesars nowadays, I feel insulted.
My neighbor's lobster pasta. This must have been awesome.
This burger didn't look to bad, but where's the beef? I didn't order this, and on first glance, the burger looked massive, but in this picture, the patty looks pretty small right?
7 oz CAB Top Sirloin for $20.49. It probably tasted really good, but 7 oz....I could eat three.
New York 12 oz striploin , $28.99 - The seasoning was out of this world, however, I asked for fat and bloody (blue rare to rare) and it came medium-well. The side veg were adequate, but unecessary and the mash potatoes were great, but barely an ice-cream scoop there. Overall, though, I was pretty satisfied with the taste, but then again, it was not a hungry-man's meal. I could easily have eaten two of these, despite the steak being overcooked to what I requested.
This was probably some sort of ahi-tuna salad, a pretty common fusion-style salad that most places have nowadays. I think they came with chopsticks......
Another burger, this one topped with a couple of onion rings. The Caesar salad looks like a nice alternative to the bowl of fries.
Someone else's top sirloin with Sauteed Garlic Butter Mushrooms added in for $3.99 - apparently these were awesome.
1/2 lb of king crab legs with drawn butter for $13.99 - looked tasty, and I should have taken up on the offer of a taste, but alas, I was too shy.

I want to install these graphics in my own washroom. I would go back, just for the bathroom. Seriously though, the steak, although not perfect, tasted great. The servers tried their best to accommodate such a big group, and overall, I think most of us were quite happy with the place. The atmosphere is fun, yet relaxed, and yes, the washroom designer sure has a sense of humor!

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