Thursday, February 25, 2010

Celine's Fish & Chips

It's not bad, it ain't Moby Dick's, but it ain't bad. I've always found that everyone on Granville Island is a little over-priced sometimes. For example, I will never, EVER, eat at the Chinese take-out there. For a three item combo, I pay nearly $3.00 more for some sub-par Chinese food....why bother when I can get some awesome food-court Chinese food at Yaohan Centre?

Anyway, I usually make it a point to never have Fish & Chips outside of Moby Dick's, but sometimes when I'm on Granville Island, I get a craving for something greasy, and the only thing fulfilling enough is the Taco Salad from the Mexican take-out, or the Sampler Platter from Celine's Fish & Chips.

The Sampler Platter - $13.81 gets you one hunk of cod, ONE Oyster (as opposed to their advertised oyster(s), 1 small breaded prawn, some calamari, onion rings and French Fries.

It's filling enough, and you feel quite guilty for eating it after, but you're really not concerned with how incredibly greasy this meal is while you're shoveling it down your throat. It's not too bad I guess, and even though I always say I shouldn't eat this stuff and I'm never going back, I always do.

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