Monday, April 19, 2010


If you're looking for a fancy, upscale steak house that's trendy looking and all that, you could probably take a date out to Chop. The interior design is nothing I've seen before, though during my visit, the washroom was somewhat unfinished (still pretty fancy though). Chop is probably on par with places like Joey's and The Keg, but not quite there compared to Gotham's.
The Chop Platter - $35, had a good assortment of snack foods, including kettle-chips made in house, steak cubes that were pretty damn good, chicken wings, lobster and prawn fritters, and these things called tuna pillars, which was essentially ahi tuna wrapped in a pastry.My new favourite drink - Chivas Regal - 12 yrs....I had a double.

Peppercorn New York - $32
Top Sirloin Oscar - $29, this one served with jumbo prawns.
I had the large Aged Canadian Prime Rib - $33, but in retrospect, I should have tried the 22oz Bone-in Rib Eye Chop for $39. Mine was pretty good, cooked exactly the way I requested - fat and bloody, and it came with freshly grated horse radish, mashed potatoes, and some veggies that were a little raw. But who cares, when you order a pile of meat like this, the veggies are supposed to be unappetizing. I think they were an affront to all things vegetarian, as if to say "The meat is so good, we don't care if the veggies are crap". The choice of serving plate was fancy (mimics a grill), but probably not the best choice as it made it difficult to cut the meat. petite Filet Minon served with scallopped potatoes - $29
Some funky archetecture.

I love the trough-style sink in the men's washroom.

For me, I'll probably still report back loyally to The Keg for my all-time favourite chunk of meat - the Keg Size Prime Rib, but I'm definetly be tempted to go back to Chop and try that Bone-In Rib Eye. For $39, it's worth the gamble for such a massive hunk of yummy goodness. The atmosphere was definetly cool enough to want to go there with some friends and have a fun night.

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