Monday, April 19, 2010

The Longhorn Saloon

On the last few days of the season after the 2010 Olympics, I made a trip up to Whistler with a few buddies for some snowboarding and for lunch, we went to the Longhorn Saloon. Like any other restaurant in Whistler, the prices were inflated for what you get, and so were the portions. The place can get pretty crowded after the mountain closes, but luckily, we were hungry early and got there before the late-afternoon rush.

My friend ordered the mushroom burger, which came buried under a mountain of mushrooms, and some pretty huge fries.

I think mine was the longhorn burger....might have been the cajun burger. Anyway, it had jalepenos, and salsa....the burger was huge and really filling...then there was the fries. My burger could have fed two people.
The grilled chicken caesar salad with garlic toast and soup.

The Longhorn can get pretty noisy (we're talking nightclub-loud), but that's all part of the atmosphere. The food is pretty good and the restaurant is right there when you're coming off the mountain. I can't see why I wouldn't go there again. By the way, not pictured here is their nachos. I saw the table next to us order the nachos and the mountain of chips was as big as Whistler. Not kidding, I'll defintely order this next time!

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