Sunday, April 18, 2010


Maruchu is a hidden away little gem in the middle of Richmond, near the same complex as where Hon's used to be.....used to be, that's still weird for me that the Hon's in Richmond is now closed. Anyway, Maruchu is quite possibly the only authentic Japanese BBQ place in town where you grill your own meat. It's kind of funny when I say authentic, because it's not really authentic to Japan. This style of BBQ is the Japanese interpretation of Korean BBQ, it's the way Japanese do Korean BBQ.....if that makes any sense at all.

I really like the atmosphere here - it's small and cozy, it doesn't try too hard to be trendy, and I feel comfortable as if I were at home. The ventilation is great, however after you leave, your clothes smell like your food, but that's all part of the experience and I wouldn't have it any other way.

These hours are from a few years ago, I'm not sure if they're still on this schedule.
P-Toro, pork belly, the fattiest and most glorious part of the pig. I love this stuff. but if you eat it all the time, it will take years off your life.
Tamago soup
P Toro
Negi shio kalbi
Tofu Salad
Tare Kalbi
Tare something - Forgot the name, tasted like marinated kalbi in cube form....oishi.

Stone bowl bibimba
Pork Liver

Honetsuki - Kalbi with bone
Remen - cold noodles

As I said, Maruchu is not a big restaurant with limited seating, and as a result, the place is often crowded and it's hard to get a seat. It's also no wonder because the meat here is really fresh, the maritated dishes taste great, and the servers work really hard and fast to get you the food.

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  1. OMG there's a Japanese BBQ resutaurant in Richmond?!?! I've been complaining that all BBQ places I could find in Van are Korean ( I love korean BBQ but love Japanese BBQ more you know ) !!! I gotta try this place!!! haha
    Oh btw have you heard of this famous Japanese BBQ restaurant called 牛角(gyukaku)? I saw the add that they're opening one in Van but wonder when...

  2. Yes! Maruchu's been around for a while, and still very popular amongst those who appreciate really good Japanese BBQ.

    Gyukaku? Sorry, haven't heard of it, but now that you tell me, I will be looking for it! Haha, I heard from Yoshinoya USA they have plans to open a location in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, but also don't know when =)



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