Monday, April 19, 2010

Sushi Mart

On first glance, my first reaction was "What the....." My friends told me that Sushi Mart was opened by the son of another restauranteur well-known in Vancouver for opening quality Japanese restaurants. The store front was about as as non-descript as a Family Mart in Japan, so at first, I was quite skeptical.
As you can tell from my friend Todd here, he's quite stoked about eating here. This is a guy who no more than just a few years ago, hated sushi. We've since converted him. Once inside, the interior design is clever, and probably inexpensive. The walls are lined with stained wooden shipping pallets. I've never seen this done before, but Sushi Mart managed to pull this off tastefully.

The behind-the-counter service is great, the staff is friendly, and when you sit down to have your meal, there was complimentary miso soup and tea. You just go up to the counter to order your food. Easy for take out, easy for dine-in.
Of course, I had to try the chirashi don. For $12.50, I found a really nice assortment of seafood. Aside from the standard issue ebi, tamago, tuna, and salmon, I got ika, ikura, and hamachi.

My friends ordered a Philidephia roll ($4.50), and a tuna roll ($1.95)

I tacked on an extra amaebi ($3.00) and uni (whatever market price was that day).

Like traditional sushi, a dab of wasabi is used between in the nigiri sushi. Not many places actually do this anymore and I can really appreciate the additional touches.

Sushi Mart is relatively new, and I really hope they can maintain the great quality and the reasonable prices. More locations would be nice, one in Richmond perhaps? But if I were ever downtown and craving sushi, I'd probably go to Sushi Mart.

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