Sunday, April 18, 2010

Le Crocodile

If only I could afford to eat here everyday, I probably would. I was first introduced to Le Crocodile years ago by my long-time friend and fellow foodie, Eric Lee. Actually, I should credit Eric for my appreciation for fine dining. When we first met, about 17 years ago, my idea of fine dining was a deep-frying a week-old BBQ pork bun, or maybe instant noodles stir-fried with diced hot dogs. My world was pretty small back then, and he really opened my eyes to the possibilities that were out there. One of my earliest experiences was Le Crocodile. Eric and I don't get together as much as before as he primarily resides in the Philippines, but whenever he visits Vancouver, we alway try to get together and grab a bite.

The last time we visited Le Crocodile was about two years ago, and I'm really hoping to go again soon. Since the menu has probably changed and my French is beyond terrible, I won't even try to name the dishes.
This was a tart that tased like a mini-quiche as one of our starters (I think these were complimentary). I could have eaten 100 of these as my meal, but there was something even better yet to come.
Avacado salad - I didn't order this, but the presentation was beautiful, and the person who did order this said it was out of this world. I believe it, and I usually despise any kind of vegetation on a plate.

I don't rember what this was as I didn't order it, might have been a crab cake.
What I did order was the pan seared Foie Gras, the daily special. Strangely, the first time I had foie gras was in a Japanese restaurant called Octopus Garden. I fell in love with the rich, buttery texture that melts in your mouth. This is was my second encounter with foie gras and I have decided that this is one of the must-haves as part of my last meal on earth.
Le Crocodile has no trouble getting this dish right, and just like the quiche from earlier, I could have eaten 100 of these.
Lobster Bisque served with fresh cream and cognac. It was like liquid lobster, which is the equivalent to liquid heaven. Eric's made this before at home, and has come pretty damn close to what we had at Le Crocodile. The price here is more than reasonable considering how incredible it tasted.

Fettucini with lobster meat and grilled tiger prawns, or Nouilles Fraîches au Homard et Crevettes Grillées,Brunoise de Légumes . Again, this was what someone else ordered, but it looked really good.
Steamed and shelled lobster, saute veggies and mushrooms in a white butter sauce, or Homard à la Vapeur, Fricassée de Legumeset Beurre Blanc aux Morilles. Eric's wife often orders this, and I have yet to try it.

This was my foie gras night, and I think this might have been another special, because I couldn't find it on the current menu. I know that its a bit contraversial to eat foie gras nowadays, but just watch this video, and let Anthony Bourdain enlighten you on how to enjoy this bounty from heaven, guilt-free.

I'm sorry to say, this was not my order as well, but doesn't it look good?
Pear sorbet to clear your palet.
Profiteroles drowned in chocolate sauce.

An assortment of milk-chocolate and dark-chocolate crocodiles.
Le Crocodile is a place I'd defintely like to frequent more, and now that I've got what seems like steady employment, I might just do that (in fact, I'm on my break right now and talking about going with some of my coworkers to celebrate!). I think it's important to indulge once in a while, and this place spoils me rotten. The service is top of it's class, the food as well. I strongly recommend Le Crocodile for those special occasions, or if you're loaded, go every night.

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