Monday, April 19, 2010

Ho Yuen Kee

My friends took me to Ho Yuen Kee a few weeks ago only because Angel Cafe was closed. It's pretty much another run-of-the-mill Chinese seafood restaurant, but then again, there were only a few of us and we only ordered three dishes. We'll have to try it again sometime in a bigger group.

We ordered the house-special chow mein, which was good, but our next dish was a mistake on our part.....
......the assorted meats hot-pot, which is pretty much the exact same ingredients as the house-special chow mein except no chow mein and it's served in a hot pot. Again, this dish was really tasty, lots of ingredients, and good size portion.

The deep friend smelt was cooked with sliced garlic, there were loads, but wasn't quite salty enough for me. Spicy, but not quite salty enough. Nothing a bit of extra Chinese seasoning salt couldn't fix.

Like I said, the food was pretty good, but we didn't get a chance to sample many different dishes, so we'll defintely have to go back again. Several other tables had ordered crab, which may be this place's looked really good.

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