Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shanghai River

Shanghai River is trying to go for the upscale image, when all it really is, is just another shao long bao (spelling depending on where your from) place in a fancy wrapper.
You got the fancy tea pots....
....and the fancy spring rolls....
.....and the fancy dishes and bowls....
....but in the end, it's still the same messy service as any other restaurant.....

We got a huge assortment of food, and yeah, it tasted great, I have to admit, but it's a bit pricy compared to some other places that serve equally tasty food.  The only difference is some other places look pretty nasty and don't come with the fancy appearance and ambiance.

The service was hard to guage because when I went, the places was busier than hell.  The best way to describe it is....understaffed.

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  1. Hey, didnt I take you to this place before?

    Did you order the Lion Head Meatballs as well? That's good there too. Although, I must admit that I loved Cathay Pacific (The airline) version of it.

  2. Hey Eric,

    Yep, I think we went to this place with your family once. We ate like kings that day, I know that!



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