Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Boss Bakery - Richmond

About a week ago, I was at work and I didn't pack my lunch.  Desperately hungry (Take note folks, the key word here is DESPERATE.), I went to City Fresh Market (close to my workplace).  The Boss Bakery operates inside of City Fresh Market and has a wide variety of Chinese style pastries and buns. 

Typical of most Chinese style bakeries, they had a deal where you buy 6 items, and they pay for the tax....My cheap side took over and I left with 6 items.
The Hot Dog Bun was okay, but probably would have tasted better fresh. The cheese was hard and seperated from the rest of the toppings, and the hot dog was a bit dry.

The BBQ pork pastry was gross. The pastry dough was partially cooked and a bit raw in the middle. Haha, still, I finished the damn thing and regretted it the instant I swallowed the last bite. I felt like I ate a slab of hard dough soaked in lard.....blech.....

The BBQ Pork Pinapple bun was a little less than glorious.  Actually, it was a little weird because it was made in this muffin tray so it wasn't a typical bun shape.  It had walls...haha.  Tastewise, it was pretty bland. 

What do you call this?  Sachima in idea what the English name is.  Anyways, it wasn't very good.  It was dry and fell apart way to easily.  I took one bite and ended up with a pile of dry sticky bits.

The ham,corn and cheese bun was alright, nothing to write home about though....
The jiweibao (chicken tail bun?) was good, packed with that sweet coconut stuffing.  These come in 3 packs.

For about a dollar or less per bun, it should be illegal for me to complain.  Still, I think I would have to be pretty desperate to hand over my money for food here again.

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