Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy King Restaurant

Happy King Restaurant - was this place formerly Happy Date at one point in time?  Anyway, it's been there for years, and even though I've been going there for years, I never paid attention to the sign much.  On the corner of 1st Ave and Renfrew (same shopping complex as T & T), the place is near my grandma's place, so whenever we visit my grandma, we end up here for lunch. 
It's hard to tell from the picture, but the fried rice is nice and shiny - just the way I like it.  If you want healthy boring fried rice, cook it at home. 
A duck, something I was craving for ages before I took this picture.  Since I hadn't had duck for so long, my review on the duck is probably way out of wack, but it tasted so damn good.
The sweet and sour pork had been one of my all-time childhood favourites, and even now, as an adult, I still appreciate a finely crafted sweet and sour pork.  This day, the pork had a nice crispy coating and was dressed with the sweet and sour sauce probably just moments before leaving the wok.  The veggies were cooked through, but still crisp, and the pork was magnificent.
Chinese donut wrapped in rice noodle, another one of my favourites was done right at Happy King.  Nice and crispy on the inside - the way it should be.

I've read that the dinner service is kind of lacking in......well, service - not surprising at all.  But the service at lunch was okay I suppose.  I'd say it's probably on par with Hon's in terms of service, but then I never expect anything when I go here.  Go with no expectations, and you'll be fine.  The food is cheap, and tastes good.  Also a plus, the last time I went there, the washroom was clean, as well as the rest of the restaurant - always a plus for me.

Would I go back?  Of course I'll go back, but only because I'm out with my family and someone else is driving and/or treating, haha!  This place is nowhere near where I live so I don't think I'd ever bother driving that far to get okay food with Hon's service.

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  1. Aw... I read all that and saw all that good food, only to torture myself! XD It's absolutely nowhere near where I live XD lol

    But if I ever wind up out there by some turn of events, I'll have to try the duck =3 And that donut thingy looks pretty interesting, too =3 Do you know the technical term for it? =3

  2. Hi Tsuki Keri,

    Thanks for posting! Are you even in the lower mainland? I think the technical term for the donut thingies is "zha liang"....there's a shop in the Yaohan food court that makes a pretty good one, try it out!



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