Friday, December 10, 2010

V's Malay and Thai Food

Seems like it's food court food month!  Another cheap eats place is V's Malay and Thai Food in the Richmond Public Market.   I'm no expert on what authentic Malay or Thai food tastes like, so all I can say is for food court food, it ain't bad.

My dad in the foreground there, showing me some of the places him and my mom frequent after their daily walks.

They've got a wide assortment of food, and it looks like most of it has a heavy curry influence.

So my parents were kind enough to let me sample some of the offerings from V's and there was a lot to sample.  The portions are pretty large, and if I wasn't eating a bowl of wontons from Daily Noodles, I probably would have had more of V's.  One of the curry beef dishes was pretty good.  It was spicy (and I paid for this later), with a hint of sweetness to it.  That monster in the upper right-hand corner is a meatball.  It was massive and surprisingly full of flavour.

Would I go back?  Yeah, for sure.  It's cheap and tasty enough, and it's not that far from my work place.  I probably wouldn't go out of my way to eat here, but definitely on days I don't pack lunch, I would probably pop in here.

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