Friday, December 10, 2010

Noodles Daily (Richmond Public Market)

My parents come here all the time and last week, I gave them a call at the start of my lunch and they happened to be at this place.  Since I didn't pack a lunch, I walked over to the Richmond Public Market and met up with them for a bite to eat.
My dad in front of Noodles Daily.

Cheap and light, wontons in soup.  For $4, you get a huge bowl of wontons in soup.  The wontons have a little meat in them, lots of veg, and lots of wonton skin.  Overall, it's not nearly as good as say Tsim Chai noodles, but hey, you're in the food court of Richmond Public Market, and you're shelling out $4.

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  1. The wonton looks good and its cheap. Does it come with that side of Chinese donuts?

  2. Hi Crispy Lechon,

    Sorry, I have no idea, the food was already there by the time I got there. If it didn't, I'm sure it would be cheap.



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