Monday, December 20, 2010

True Confections - Alma and Broadway

$16 for a sliver of cake and a cup of tea???  What's the world coming to???  Well, that was my reaction after, but I knew what I was getting into well before going.  I've been to the location on Denman a couple of times, and even bought a whole cake from the Alma location once before so the sky-high prices are nothing new to me.
Like the Denman location, the True Confections on Alma has a large assortment of some of the finest, richest cakes you will ever eat. 

The Mocha Buttercream.

My personal favourite, the Milk Chocolate Hazelnut. 

For the first time since I've been going to True Confections, I wasn't able to finish my cake.  Though I was whining about the small portions (or what I perceived to be a small portion), it actually was quite filling.
They've got some seasonal deserts right now, but I stuck with what I know is good.  This was some sort of cheesecake that was incredibly rich, even for me.  I took a few bites of the samples they were handing out and I decided against it.

This was another cheesecake that felt like it was condensed from 10 cheesecakes.  Just over the top rich. 

This one was surprisingly not that rich.  It was very light, but flavourful.

I was surprised to see that the Alma location get packed.  It was about 8pm or so when we showed up and managed to get a table of 8.  Shortly after, there was a line-up forming at the entrance and the next thing we know, it was packed. 

The staff were friendly enough, and didn't pressure us or hound us to leave or anything.  They were friendly, they made sure that our water glasses were full and our teapots always had hot water.  The pricing is not in my happy range, but once in a while, you gotta spoil yourself and take in a million calories.  Would I go back?  I'm already thinking of my next visit...but for health reasons, I will make sure it's not for a while.

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