Sunday, August 1, 2010

Flying Beaver

The Flying Beaver has some of the best wings in town.  I started going here more than ten years ago when I used to work at the airport.  Wing Night Wednesdays, when wings were still 25 cents a pop.  It's gone up in price, but then again, so has everything else.....but it's still worth it.  There was one time, a few buddies and I polished off about 300 wings between the 6 of us.  It was disgusting that so many chickens died for a few hours of fun, but what the heck, good wings.
Whenever I go now, I usually stick to salt and pepper.  It's funny, but when I first started going, all they had was honey-garlic, spicy, teriyaki, and BBQ.  Plain wasn't even on the menu until my buddies and I asked for it.  Then we'd dump loads of salt and pepper on them and plow into the wings with a little ranch sauce on the side.  Not long after, salt and pepper appeared on the menu.  I've got some pictures from some crazy nights, if I ever find them I'll post them.  Each of us used to keep a bone plate, or "trophy plate" and pile the bones into towers.  We refused to let the servers get us new ones. 

The atmosphere is pretty laid back, but it gets really crowded at times (especially Wednesday nights) and it's hard to find a place to sit.  The service is really good, very friendly, and pretty fast, and the price for most items on the menu are reasonably priced.  The nachos are really good here as well, huge......HUGE.

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  1. Wow, small world! This is Ayako, your server from last night at the Beav!! haha..was just checking out urbanspoon and then was thinking...huh, that guy in the picture next to the last comment looks a lot like that guy from last night!!! So...still comin in for wings 10yrs later eh?! Nice to have you and your boys in! You know we have wing night on Sundays now? (and all the draft beers are $4 that day, and its less crowded than wednesdays)!
    See ya again!

  2. Hi Ayako,

    Thanks for reading! Yeah, it is a small world isn't it? Wing night on Sunday??? We'll have to check it out!

    Great service by the way, you were a great server. Tell your boss to read the review and also these comments!

    Thanks again and see you again!



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