Monday, August 9, 2010

Umi Sushi Express - Pacific Centre

At the Pacific Centre food court, there isn't a whole lot of selection....everthing for some reason is overpriced for what you get....and it's a food court.  Even A & W has combos going for $8-10....WTF.  Actually, most fast-food joints are seeing an increase in combos, even McDonald's.  For about the same price as one of their premium combos nowadays, you can go to an HK cafe and have a decent sit-down meal and get way more bang for your buck. 
But sometimes you need to compromise, when there's simply no place else to eat, you settle for foodcourt food.  A couple of months ago, I was with my co-workers and since there was such a big group of us wandering downtown during the lunch hour rush, we ended up in the food court of Pacific Centre.  The choices were horrendous, and I wasn't really ready to part with my money for any of the options, but in the end, I settled for Umi Sushi Express, literally the healthiest thing I could find without be horribly ripped off.

I ended up with the California Combo, which consisted of a California roll with salmon, tuna, ebi nigiri and a bowl of miso soup.  The rice was slightly hard, and the roll was cut in strange proportions, but at least they put some effort in with the masago.  They were stingy on the salmon and tuna, and heavy on the rice.  The ebi was just your run-of-the-mill, ordered from everyone elses' fish supplier variety.  The service was food-court service, and the pricing was a bit high for what I got.  If at all possible, I would avoid being in this food court when you're hungry, go find a real restaurant. 

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