Wednesday, August 11, 2010

FreshSlice Pizza

A new location just opened up around the corner from my workplace and I found a couple of coupons on the lunchroom table.

When we got there, it turned out that the large pop for $1.99 cost more than a slice of pizza. And here's where the wording on the coupon got on my nerves....Extra Large slice with purchase....all the slices were "Extra Large". I know I shouldn't harp on the clerk working there, but when I asked him where the "regular size" slices were, and he said there were none. So, Extra Large is not a comparison to any product they have. He feebly came up with how Panago and Pizza Hut had slices that were smaller....I didn't even acknowledge his explaination.

The pizza looked thin and shiny. My friend Rob ordered a slice and said it was just over the top greasy.  Pizza by the slice is pretty much the cheapest bit if food you can find in the area, but it would be complete and utter act of desperation for me to eat here.  I don't even have a picture to show for this review just yet, but don't hold your breath, it probably won't happen.

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