Monday, August 2, 2010

Honey Doughnuts and Goodies

Sweet Jeesuz the donuts here are good.  That is, if you can call them donuts.  I've never seen anything like them, but damn, they are worth the drive out to Deep Cove.  On the weekend, I found myself out there and wandering around the town.  It was a lot like Horseshoe Bay, it had the same feel to it. 
Anwyay, a friend of mine told me about these wicked donuts in Deep Cove and that there was something different about them
It doesn't look like any donut I've ever seen.
Well, at least it has a hole.
I cracked one open to find the wholesome goodness inside.  These donuts were pretty heavy, but absolutely delicious.  Probably restrict yourself to just one, maybe two if you're really hungry.  They're filling, but I didn't feel gross after, like I usually do after a regular donut from say Timmy's or Krispy Kreme (sp?)
Washed it all down with a nice San Pellegrino.  What can I say, it was really hot!  Anwyay, the place is called Honey Doughnuts and Goodies, but I didn't bother with the other goodies, the donuts alone were worth going there for.  The day I went, all they had left was Honey, but they have other flavors I want to try like Chocolate.  I'm defitely going back.

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