Monday, August 9, 2010

Migz BBQ

Not exactly the trendy place it tries to be, Migz BBQ is just a regular bar in a fancy wrapper.  In terms of service and quality of food, it's comparable with The Pit Pub at UBC.
We ordered a sampler platter that looked like it should have been served on a paper plate.  Anyway, it included a couple of hot wings, french fries, onion rings, and some cheese bread.
Someone thought they would be clever and ordered a veggie platter.  It looked absolutely unappetizing, but veggies are veggies.
The calamari was mediocre at best, but the tiny bits of fried squid didn't do anything for me.  It was practically the same price as say, Stepho's calamari dinner, but this one didn't taste good.
BBQ pork ribs?  What, heated on the grill for a few minutes and drowned in sauce?  These were tough and hard to swallow.  I don't know how Migz has the nerve to include the word BBQ in their name when they don't know the first thing about BBQ.  My recomendation for Migz - don't waste your money.  Even if there's nothing else open in the neighborhood, it's better to waste more gas by driving to a better place to eat.

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