Monday, June 27, 2011

Fujiya - Richmond

I feel weird about reviewing a grocery store, but I had to hand it to Fujiya for making pretty decent, and affordable "fast food".  I don't think they make it fresh here at the Richmond location, but the location on Clark definitely has freshly made bento boxes, as well as made-to-order boxes. 

The tuna combo wasn't too bad actually, decent quality (probably the same supplier as most Japanese restaurants), or maybe even cut from their own inventory.

This was Fujiya's Z-Roll.  basically, it's a hodge-podge of end-peices put in a roll is my guess.  There's salmon, tuna, avacado, cucumber and some other bits.  It's filling because it's so big and overall, didn't taste horrendous or anything.
Saba and Salmon Bento
As you can see, the Saba and Salmon Bento come with variety of side dishes that actaully make the overall meal quite interesting.  There's carrot, broccoli, egg, takenoko, konyaku, yama-imo, and some sort of fish cake
The rice comes with a single umeboshi in the middle = Japanese flag.

The fish are actually incredibly good.  I love saba and Fujiya does it well.  The salmon is also moist and tasty.  A lot of places overcook salmon and it always comes out all dried out, but I've had Fujiya's salmon before and it's always nice and moist.  The flavour always tingles the back corners of my the salmon from Fujiya.

There was one time our sado class was doing chaji, which is about a 4 hour event including the preperation of the charcoal, a kaiseki meal and two different sessions of tea (thick tea and thin tea).  We didn't have time to prepare the kaiseki meal, and for the sake of practice, ordered the meal from Fujiya.  I remember the meal being incredibly tasty, as though it came from a restaurant (or maybe I was just really hungry).  Anyway, as far as cooked food is concerned, Fujiya delivers when it comes to their salmon, their saba, and their beef. 

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