Saturday, June 11, 2011

Oyaji Zushi

Oyaji Zushi is located near Granville Island, and I figure the reason everything seems a bit pricier is because the rent is probably sky-high.  I went there quite some time ago with a large group - my iaido club had their New Year's lunch there and our experience wasn't too bad.

We ordered a variety of foods, but because the rent is so high and the prices are slightly elevated, many of us were left a bit hungry after our meal.  The staff were fantastic though and they worked their butts off to make sure we were good.  I haven't been back since though, not because of any particular reason...guess I just don't go to Granville Island all that much.


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  1. The name of this place always makes me chuckle.

  2. Hi Shokutsu,

    Haha, I suppose you could say the place is....interesting.

    I found that the food was ma-ma oishi. There was a lot of rice on the rolls, which were cut unevenly and fell apart as eating. Still, I couldn't give them a 100% bad review because the service was really good.

    The chef wasn't a pro for sure, but maybe they've gotten better or hired somebody by now?

    I should go back and give them an update review.


  3. Very bad food and extremely high price.Don't eat there.


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