Friday, June 3, 2011

Mongolian Little Sheep Hot Pot

I've walked by this restaurant dozens of times, even heard about it from my parents, but never occurred to go in and try it.  I like hotpot once in a while, and I suppose it's healthier to boil all your food, rather than pan-fry or stir fry, bu it's just not my thing.  Still, whenever I have hot pot, I'm usually able to find something I like to eat.  The first impression of Mongolian Little Sheep Hot Pot is the overwhelming smell of B.O. that manages to waft into the shopping mall.  I know it's not B.O. but the odors are very similar.  Clearly, the ventilation system is just there for looks (sort of like Kyung Bok Palace, haha!)

The restaurant looked spacious, and it wasn't packed.  It was a Thursday night so maybe that's why it wasn't so busy.
The cost-savings are clearly seen in the way they have set up a self-serve station for the sauces.  The servers no longer have to waste time bringing the sauces to the clientele when they can just go up to the make-shift station (set up next to the cashier/bar) and help themselves.  I don't mind this myself, as I can totally load up on sauces....
So, we had a boiling vat of chili oil on one side, and regular stock on the other.  The spicy side will gah-ron-teeh you ring-of-fire.  I tried something just dipped in that side and my mouth was on fire.  Today, I have a slight stomach ache, haha!

Lots of freshly defrosted frozen meat, very typical of hot-places.  They would never be able to afford to stay open if it was all fresh.

Some pickles
And yes, I ordered Spam!  For $25(inc tax) AYCE, there waeren't any prawns, or oysters, but there was spam, haha!

Actually, our servers worked pretty hard for us tonight, which was very, very surprising for an AYCE place.  They always brought the food very quickly after we ordered it, they came and refilled our drinks and came to clear our tables on a regular basis.   My only gripe was at the end, when we wanted to split the bill, the cashier turned out to be an inept teenager who had no idea, nor the authority to make decisions bigger than what kind of change to give.  Apparently the manager was gone for the evening and there was no way for him to divide the bill. 

The food was okay, some of the service was awesome, some of it really sucked (cashier), the The washrooms were filthy (but not unexpected), the price was okay I guess, but I would have liked to have seen a few higher end items on the menu for $25, and everyone's clothes smelled like B.O. the next day, despite the place being a boil place rather than a grill place.  No smoke, but even less ventilation.  Would I go back?  I seriously doubt it.   

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  1. "smell of B.O" LOL that is HILARIOUS. I never really liked the smell either but one time i got dragged into eating it for lunch with family and I was pretty addicted. I no longer smell B.O. but rather good soup base :/ Course I end up smelling like that after eating it, so I try to avoid wearing clothes that would soak the smell (ie// wear pleather jacket or whatever)

    I used to frequent here last year during lunches because they have really good deals. It's like $9.99 for lunch set, but theres so much food that it's enough for two people... which ends up to be $5 pp. Really good deal for people who like hotpot (and don't mind/ like the B.O. taste) :D

  2. Hey Janice,

    Yeah, the food does taste pretty good, and I know that because I dumped so much garlic into my sauce, my actions were probably the cause of my own B.O. the next day, haha! Seriously though, I did have a bit of a stomach ache today, but it was probably because of the spicy food. I normally can't handle spicy food so I have no one to blame but myself!



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